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Help Support Women Stuck in Sex Trafficking

Posted on October 17 2016

What started as a mission trip to Ghana, Africa to use basketball to build relationships with people and tell them the love of Jesus, with a slight emphasis on woman caught in sex trafficking, as turned into so much more. The shock and horror of what so many women in Ghana face, and the young age at which they begin to endure it was truly shocking. Michael and Katie knew they couldn't just stand by and allow this. They quickly turned the focus from basketball, to building and running (in less than 2 months!) a shelter for women and built a program to get the young girls and young ladies out of sex trafficking and prostitution. They have helped so many, in such a short time. They used what little funds they had to rent a house for 2 years, so that upon their return to the States the girls would have a place to rehab and then transition to another home, where they learn a set of skills.

To think what they have accomplished in this short time, is truly amazing.

All orders using code ShareHope will receive 20% off. In addition, the way this shop owner can help is by donating $10 from EVERY bracelet sold,until Tuesday, August 4.

Michael and Katie are in great need of funds. They leave for the States soon so there is haste behind this message. There is no need for the shop owner to profit during this time, only helping others. Please extend your hand and share the love, by purchasing a Gameli Gallery bracelet.

$10 from every bracelet sold (not order, per bracelet) goes DIRECTLY to Michael and Katie. Pleasesupport their mission. If you are not a religious or Christian individual, please order to support women and young girls. Everyone needs hope, and everyone needs love. Help provide that! Thank you!!!         



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